Thursday, January 4, 2007

What's In A Name?

Written 4 January, 2007

What's In a Name?

I find avatar names in Second Life fascinating.

We're forced to choose our last names from a limited set of perhaps 250 names which rotates periodically, but our first names are of our own choosing. I'm impressed by the creativity shown by so many citizens.

Some of the names are common ones, like Mike or Julie, which is great, for otherwise we would be constantly surrounded by JuggleBoys and FlameSwallowers and xxxratted (sic). Some name are just stupid. Some are attempts to be imaginative, but fall short (there are way too many Neos [and no offense meant to my friend Neo]). And some are brilliant.

It's about here that I should trot some clever names out, but to tell the truth, my overtaxed brain can't dredge any up right now. So, Chey promises to start jotting down clever names when she comes across them, and will post her list from time to time.

I'm in the habit anyway, as long ago I started accumulating clever drag names. So for now, they are what will have to suffice.

My favorite was the name of a very slick magazine on drag called Dragazine. The founder and editor was Lois Commondenominator. That beats the Car Talk guys' Russian chauffeur Peekof Andropov all hollow.

I'm posting not my entire list, but only the most clever names.

Put on your seat belts. Here goes.

Alma Children
Amanda Hugankiss
Amanda Reckonwith
Amanda Holdankiss
Ana Matronic
Anatolia Awl
Angela Mercy
Anna Oneanatoo
Belle Ringer
Bertha Vanation
Beth Wethtern
Bessie Levenow
Betty Custer
Blanch Davidian
Carrie Okie
Carrie Onalot
Charity Beginzathome
Corrina Ditch
Cora Daple (I made this one up)
Cossie Mentit
Dana Van Iquity
Devoida Talent
Dianna Bordam
Didi Duit (Ditto)
Donnatella Sole
Donna Man
Elaine Honisbeck
Elsinore Atnight
Em Inotaman (and again)
Esther Wydoncha
Europa DeKowz
Fran Tastic
Freeda Corsett
Gwen Indoubt
Hattie DeMeans
Hedda State
Hope Dizehard
Hortense Tilyapayer (and maybe this one, too! I forget)
Ida Claire
Ivana Humpalot
Jean Poole
Kirsten Damned
Lauren Order
Lenona Hood
Lilac Yamentit
Liza Beforthcoming
Maya Sertz
Moira DeSame
Mollie Fication
Natalie Drest
Nora Lenderby
Olivia Ownlife
Pam Demonium
Phyllis Stein
Pia Nissimo
Polly Amory
Reva Uringen
Robin Anstealen
Rosa Rotchakockoff (sorry!)
Selma Junkoff (this from the Car Talk Guys)
Sharon Cher-alike
Sheila Noiya
Stuckinda Quicksand
Tamara Tonite
Tequila Mockingbird
Teresa Pollinating
Thelma Thtufoff
Una Brau
Viola Fuss
Wanda De Countryside
Wilma Buttfit

And let's not forget the guys:

Al Opecia
Alda Livelongday
Arnold Almenequal
Bindar Dundat
Cas Isezso
Claude Balls
Coleman Aintit
Dickie Hertzmore
Eaton Bylines
Elias Onisbeck
Elias Itziznatur
Ellis Forheroz
Emmanuel Furlivin
Endicott Sleepswell
Enos Ital
Esau Nuttin
Gooden Lowdown
Hancock Decannon
Hardin Zinsome
Heywood Yabuzof (Car guys)
Hugh G. Rection
Juan Cohone
Larson E. Madders
Luke Outavindo
Mike Hunt (ouch!)
Miles O'Fun
Mischa Nokomplized
Preston Naylz
Seymour Butz
Stan Dinwaite
Toby Arnotobi
Uriah Poken
Wassir Digworth
Won Honglow
Yassir Arafatman

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