Friday, January 5, 2007

Chi-Chi I: Magic Chairs

Written 27 December, 2006


I. Magic Chairs

I have to tell you about my friend Chi-Chi.

Not her real name. Names in this section of the blog have been changed to (quite literally) protect the innocent.

I met Chi-Chi in my earliest (and her earliest) days in Second Life. She did me a kindness by introducing me to magic chairs.

Magic chairs, to those who might not know, give prizes to those who sit in them when the first letter of their first name matches the chair’s settings. When a chair awards a prize, it resets to a different letter; if no one wins, the chair will, after 15 or so minutes, change the letter it’s looking for. So, when one chances upon a magic chair, one has a one in twenty-six chance of getting a prize, so long as that C-named woman who just teleported in doesn’t manage to sit down before you can.

On my second or third day in SL, Chi-Chi teleported me to a magic chair that was set to C. I sat in it and won a set of pose balls. I had no idea what pose balls were, but, newbie that I was, I was thrilled to get them.

Since Chi-Chi’s name begins with C, she could easily have sat down herself. Instead, she, who, like me, had nothing, was magnanimous, giving me the opportunity to teleport in and win the prize.

It’s for this reason that when I bought property, I offered to let Chi live on my land

Chi-Chi and I have had very different SL experiences. I teleported in Lindens from my first life; she chose not to. Consequently, she took a job dancing in a club, and once IMed me, ecstatic about having made 300 Lindens. Since that’s a whole dollar for three hours’ work, I made a decision: I IMed her and told her I would buy her a skybox and allow her to live in it on my new property.

Since Chi-Chi soon moved on to table dancing, and makes as much as 5000L some nights, meaning she could easily afford to rent a place of her own, perhaps my offer was premature.


Photo 1: Chi-Chi

Photo 2: Magic Chairs with Some Rare Letters

Photo 2: Many SL women make their livings in clubs like these

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