Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Tour of Pele II: The Volcano Pele

The Caldera at Pele, Dormant and In Eruption

Written 2 January, 2007

A Tour of Pele

II: The Volcano Pele

As volcanoes go, Pele is relatively new. She’s less than two thousands years old.

That explains her relative smallness.

There’s another, larger volcano here in the adjacent sim, but it’s dormant. Pele is an active stratovolcano; she erupts periodically, spewing out noxious gases and throwing lava thousands of feet into the air. Residents live in constant fear of ash storms and pyroclastic flows.

It was at such times the ancients would prepare a virgin sacrifice.

The island is made of solidified magma on which coral reefs have formed. You’ll notice the sand is yellow rather than black volcanic sand. This was a terraforming decision of the Dreamland people and is out of our control.

The lava in the crater maintains a steady surface temperature of 1200 Celsius or about 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. Rumor has it those favored by Pele are able to withstand its heat.

There’s also a rumor the mountain is hollow inside and that if you find a special place in the lava, you will fall under the volcano.

We believe Pele has the best lava effects in all of SL.

We will now explore the Temple to Pele.

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Cheyenne Palisades said...

We now know Pele does not accept sacrifices. We removed the altar years ago.