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Cwazy Wabbit

Written 5 January, 2007

Cwazy Wabbit

L. was a boy and a girl, a fox and a rabbit, a predator and prey.

I met L. in my first days in Second Life. She took me dancing, giving me a nifty dance bracelet so I didn’t have to keep typing /dance1 all the time.

L. was a fox then. She had a nice animation that threw up a purple shield when she typed and a poofer that threw hearts whenever she teleported.

And L. was in a relationship with S.

L. teleported me to her property, where she and S. were building a house. Or rather, L. was building it. S., when she was online, just seemed to stand around and radiate disapproval. She said it was okay, but L. knew it wasn’t. Even newbie me knew it wasn’t okay.

And so L. and S. broke up.

At some point, L. and I had a chat. She was, she said, a divorced father of two who lived in the Bay Area and worked in a big box electronics store. She told me about her relationship with S., another female furry avatar with a male controller.

S. lived in Europe, some nine time zones away from L. It had to have been difficult.

One night L. took me to show me her house a'building and did the most marvelous thing. She rezzed a .5x.5x.5 prim and had me sit on it, then raised me over a wall to show me the luminous SL moon. And there, beside the moon in the distance, flew L.

It was one of the most romantic moments of my life.

So That’s what 69 is!

L. and I consummated our relationship in the Furnations at a rather graphic animation. I knew amour was in the air, but I hadn’t done a single anim, except maybe “sit.” Before I knew it, I was engaging in cunnilingus.

Look that up in your Funk & Wagnalls.

Yeah, I could have stood up and ended the animation. I didn’t.

Less than a week in SL, and I’m engaging in bestiality.

Oh, what does the future portend for little Chey?

An Insult

A furry in the club adjacent (she was being banged in the back door by another furry) insulted me, saying something about nasty bare skin. I almost but didn’t quite call her mangy.

The Final Insult

It’s a little disconcerting when someone changes overnight from a predator furry to a prey furry.

After the breakup with S., L. did just that.

The rabbit was in fact cuter than the fox had been, but the rabbit was crazy. It would teleport me to a romantic location and then disappear, stranding me. And this happened not once, but numerous times.

The last time, I found myself in a nude area. When I went looking for L., I was verbally assaulted by one of three male human avs having group stand-up sex, just for being there, I suppose. He claimed to have authority and said he would get me in trouble.

I filed an abuse report on the spot, then teleported back home.

And in fact, I later read in the police blotted that he had been reprimanded by the Linden gods.

I would hate to be reprimanded by the Lindens.

“Chey, you have used your RPG to blast another citizen into a far-off sim, where she was enslaved by the Goreans.”

“Yeah, I did, but she was griefing me!”

“It is the decision of this court that you be suspended for seven days.”

Man, I so don’t want that!

The Breakup

When I got back home I IMed L. and read her the riot act.

Well, basically I told her it was inappropriate to take me places and then skip out.

The cwazy wabbit unfriended me shortly thereafter.

And it’s good she did, for I was starting to develop feelings for her.



Oh, SL!


Photo: Can interspecies relationships work?

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