Sunday, January 21, 2007

Land Grab I: Intro

Written 8 January 2007

Land Grab

I. Intro

A 4096 plot is plenty big enough and has enough prims to set up a nice residence or a good-sized store.

When an active volcano take up most of your property, however, and when you have two houses, a beach camp, and a night club, it’s difficult to find usable space.

I managed, but I wanted more prims and more space.

And so I bought Mother Ship Guy out, acquiring his 2048 square meters.

I wrote about that in this blog.

I don’t think I mentioned that MSG kept a big collection of pose balls 100m in the air. No furniture, no rug, no prim platform, no nothing, just pose balls. So I’m throwing that observation in just to liven up this blog.

The guy was having sex in mid-air.

On my original land, I managed, by carving away the mountain ever so slightly, to place the beautiful house Xubi built for me, landscape a waterfall, and build a lava flow. And of course there was the caldera of the volcano, over which I erected a temple to the volcano goddess Pele.

The acquisition of MSG’s property enabled me to build a beach camp, with bamboo and thatch huts, a stage for music, a pier for boats, and a tiki bar.

But of course I wanted more.


Photo 1: Chey’s 4096 on day of purchase

Photo 2: Beach camp

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