Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness V: Reaction

Dodgeguy's Reaction

Written 16 January, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness

V. Reaction

It seemed Dodgeguy, Leaf, and I were each out well more than 5000 Lindens—about $15 U.S.

And all the work we had done.

Five thousand Lindens is a huge amount in Second Life. I mean, people sit in camping chairs for $15L an hour—and sometimes for even less than that. To earn 5000 Lindens at 15L an hour would take—time for the calculator—333 hours. That’s more than 41 eight-hour shifts. About two months of Monday-to-Friday.

So, you see, big money.

Within minutes, I was on the phone—or, rather, in IM—to Carcinia Polana at Dreamland. So was Damian—and so, I’m sure, was Leaf.

“The sim was rolled back two days. I’m beside myself! I lost thousands!”

Carcinia promised me she would look into what happened.


Nikolas was, of course, apologetic.

“I am so sorry. I did not know this would happen.”

I knew he was sorry, and sure he had no idea how we would all be affected—but who, I wondered, did this guy know to be able to get the clock turned backwards two days?


Late in the evening, Damian IMed me, saying word was the sim rollback would itself be rolled back.


Linden Labs backs up the various sims regularly. Our rollback consisted of simply replacing the area’s current state with a backup.

This of course wiped out the existing state of affairs in the sim. If a backup from 28 December were to be loaded, for instance, everything on the sim—terrain, terrain textures, landscaping, and all objects and particles—would be as it was on that date, at the time of backup..

I found myself desperately hoping that whoever had pulled the plug on us had done a backup before reverting the sim. Otherwise—

Otherwise, we were shit out of luck.

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