Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness II: Nikolas' Misfortune

Nikolas Dix

Written 16 January, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness

II: Nikolas’ Misfortune

It seems a calamity had fallen on the house of Nikolas Dix.

Nikolas had foolishly given permissions to control his objects—and his land—to, it would seem, the wrong person.

I wasn’t clear on the details, even after Nikolas’ explanation, but it seemed he had had “moving assistance” from someone in his old location.

Just what that entailed, I don’t know. How hard is it to take an object, TP to the new location, and pull it out of inventory?

But I digress.

But it seems that when it was over, Nikolas’ helper demanded $10,000 Lindens.

Say what?

Nikolas, being a nice guy and a generous soul, gave her $1500, but when he went to bed in his RL, she returned and took all of his possessions and deleted a good portion of his house. Then, to make matters worse, she raised his land, making a huge ugly misshapen mountain that, coincidentally, wrecked Dodgeguy and Damian’s lagoon.

I’ve no idea why Nikolas was so foolish or trusting as to allow someone with whom he was having a disagreement to retain control over his Second Life, but he did.

And he got zapped.

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