Saturday, January 6, 2007

Chi-Chi V: Prim Count

Written 28 December, 2006


V. Prim Count

I initially gave Chi-Chi a prim allowance of 50 (house prims included in count). When I acquired an additional 2048 lot, I bumped it up to 75.

Call me stingy if you want, but my friend Kal pays for his place in a rental sim, and he is allowed only 30 prims.

Chi’s house sat vacant for several weeks. Then I got an IM (frantic, of course) from her.

“I have three landmarks for my skybox and I can’t get to it! Flint is coming to lock the door for me!!!”

Maybe it’s the exclamation marks that give Chi’s IMs their frantic air.

“Can you tell me the name of that place where we were shopping the other day?”

Maybe not.

“Two guys just gave me and my GF 5000 Lindens!”

Maybe so.

I was dancing with my sweetie, but left to go check the property. Sure enough, I had somehow set About Land to exclude teleports above 200 meters. Another stupid mistake on my part. I removed the restrictions and hurried back to my sweetie’s arms.

The next morning, I logged onto SL and happened to check Pele’s prim count.

Chi-Chi Columbia: 189


It was far too early in the day for Chi to be online, so I sent her an IM.

“Hon, you have 189 prims on my land. That’s 114 more than your allowance.

“Prims are of critical importance in Second Life, maybe even more important than money. The land only allows so many. If the prim count goes too high, it could wreck the land.”

Maybe it would wreck the land, and maybe it wouldn’t. I had never been close to the prim maximum before, and didn’t really know. Perhaps, I thought, I could ask Artik.

It’s important to note I had presented Chi-Chi with a four-prim sofa (and a nice leather one at that!) and a one-prim table I made myself. I had been sending her messages whenever I would come across low-cost, low-prim household furnishings.

“Here’s a four-prim bed, only $200 Lindens. It has twelve different wood types, and twelve different sets of sheets, and it has single and couples sleeping poses.”

The bed was so nice, in fact, that I bought one for myself.

But Chi-Chi wanted—

“I want a sex bed!” That frantic tone.

Of course. How stupid of me.

I thought about telling her that pulling out pose balls would turn any bed into a sex bed, but decided to keep my mouth shut.


Photo: Sex Bed

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VĂ©ronique Lalonde said...

Chey, I'm guessing that neither you nor Chi-Chi know about SexGen beds, or rather rugs. I've forgotten the name of the store that sells them (not in-world at the moment -- BB something-or-other), but they are much better than having tons of pose balls lying about (although pose balls can be fun as well). You click on the rug and get a menu of choices. Depending on how much you paid, you can have as many as 100 choices. Only two pose balls, but they can be made to do all those different things. Not sure what the total prim count is, but I don't think it's high.