Monday, January 22, 2007

Open House at Pele, 1/28/2007 9 AM-Noon Linden Time

Written 22 January, 2007

Open House at Pele

Sunday, 28 January, 2007

9 AM - Noon Linden Time

There will be an open house at Pele, in the Forsaken sim, next weekend, and everyone is invited.

Pirate attire and swimwear are suggested dress, but you can come as you are. Be sure to bring your watercraft, as Pele is next to a huge lagoon.

Second Life celebrities Bill and Pam Havercamp will be playing live on East Beach at 11 am Linden time on Sunday the 28th.

Just after the concert, we will sacrifice a virgin to Pele the volcano goddess. This is conditional, depending upon whether a virgin can actually be found.

I and Exuberance Lafleur will be around most of the weekend to answer questions and conduct tours.

Dodgeguy Woodward and Damian Marseille will be having a housewarming as well, with a live DJ on Friday night. IM Dodgeguy for details.

The entire sim will be accessible for visitors (but please ask before going into any of the houses that are not actually on Pele). In fact, the adjacent sims are quite beautiful and, although residential, are for the most part available for a fly-over.

On East Beach I’ll have a map-and-teleport board that will give a visual display of Pele and give a notecard that will describe the island’s features. In keeping with the theme of the land (tropical island, pirates), the music will be set to Hawaiian most of the weekend, but the movie control will be set to danceable videos. There will be dance floors and lights at both East Beach and at the Dragon Skybar, which sits at 550 meters.

Be sure to check out Dodgeguy’s huge floating night club which is clearly visible from the deck of the Skybar. You’ll love the coconut-hurling monkeys.

Some things to check out on Pele and in the lagoon adjacent:

* The temple to Pele, which features a translucent image of the volcano goddess and a blood-stained altar.

* Wadeable and splashable lava (quite pleasant if Pele likes you). Watch out for the special spot that will let you go under the volcano. If you make it, you’ll find a teleport ball just visible in the pool at the lowest reaches.

* Erupt mode. Just ask me to turn it on and off.

* Lava flow. Follow it down the mountain.

* Underwater park with splashable water. The seahorses are an endangered species. But watch out for Sammy the shark. One of my pelicans has gone missing.

* Shoreline. Stand in the surf and let the waves crash over you.

* East Beach. Sunbathe, sit in a tribal hut or chaise lounge or swing on the hammock, wash off the sand in the shower hut, or have a drink at the Tiki bar (or, after hours, a beer from the tub or a Coke from the machine on the beach). Ask me to show you the fog on the river. Find the Devotion and Tango animations on the stage. And if you’re there between 11 and noon on Sunday, listen to Pam and Bill Havercamp’s live performance. And let me know if you know where the Loveless Motel can be found.

* River and lagoon. See the humpback whale, the sunken boats, the discarded tire, the octopi! And try out that canoe or sailboat or surfboard you have in inventory.

* Exuberance: the house. See the beautiful and elegant house Exuberance Lafleur built, with its blend of island and Asian themes and textures. Stand or sit on the porch or ride the swing. Be sure to set sunset. Beautiful! And the house itself is beautiful and elegantly furnished. Sit and chat with a friend or play the piano (sheet music is on the rest). Click the swirling yellow teleport ball to go upstairs, or fly around and land on the deck. Be sure to look down into the stained glass inset in the floor, and up through the roof; if you’re lucky, you’ll see the moon! There’s a tv upstairs for your viewing pleasure. Click the aquarium to see the background color change.

* Waterfall and entrance to South Beach. See the frog on his lily pad. Splash through the water. Set night, for the tiki lights have a beautiful glow in the dark.

* South Beach. This land, recently acquired by the Pele Conservatory, is under construction, but feel free to walk or fly around. Walk through the terraced areas on the hillside, and be sure to check out Exuberance’s beautiful pool and fountain.

* Dragon skybar. Teleport (if we can work out the distance limitation thing; if not, there will be a jetpack dispenser at the map-and-teleport board) to my nightclub in the sky. Play the piano (sheet music is on the rest), have a drink, sit and talk with friends, or dance under the colorful spotlights (you’ll see the dance ball just below the Dance sign). Be sure to look up at the video display. Find the hidden doors and walk on the marble balcony. And click on the inset image of Pele to sacrifice yourself to her. (Note: I’m still working on a teleporter that will reach the lava below, but turn fly off after the TP and you should fall into the lava in the caldera).

There will be times when I’m busy, but I’ll be happy to chat with you this weekend or any other time.

I hope you enjoy your time on Pele.


Sorcha McConachie said...

I can't wait!! I've been dying to vsit Pele. It sounds amazing! Im looking forward to meeting you!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Sorcha, I love your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing Mordecai's little sister again!