Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sweetie's Suitor

Written 5 January, 2007

Sweetie’s Suitor

Sweetie has a suitor.

She met him at a Bill and Pam Havercamp concert.

I know, because I invited her.

He asked her to dance, and they slow danced.

And the animation caused him to grab her ass.

We all three, using camera control, watched in horror.

He apologized, of course, for he’s a gentleman.

Sweetie says she’s not interested in him, and I know that’s true, but he’s certainly interested in her, and I don’t think it’s in a Second Life way.

She says he’s far too old for her in RL. And he probably is. She’s thirtysomething. He’s 57something.

Positively ancient.

If Sweetie and he were to hook up in RL, I would give my blessing, for he has much to offer her. Good job, good looks, single status, smart, charming, big-time geek (which Sweetie loves), good voice (Sweetie visited his website), and he lives close to her. But that special spark doesn’t seem to have occurred. At least yet.

For the moment, Sweetie is mine.

Still, I have my moments of jealousy. I do my best to squelch them.


Photo: Chey, brooding

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