Friday, January 5, 2007

Chi-Chi IV: Replacement Skybox

Written 28 December, 2006


IV. Replacement Skybox

I didn’t realize until it was a done deal that I had killed Chi-Chi’s house in the About Land menu.

She was offline, so I send her an abject apology via IM.

“Don’t worry. It just went back to the Lost and Found folder in your inventory.”

A few days later we met at the caldera to rehang the box. But the P20 was not, in fact, in Chi’s Lost and Found folder. It was not, in fact, anywhere in her inventory.

I was soon convinced this was more than a problem of messy inventory; it really wasn’t there. To be sure the house was named P20, we even contacted Mr. Stantz, who assured us it was.

“It’s not here!” Chi-Chi wailed.

Of course you can’t wail in IM, but believe me, Chi was wailing.

“I’ll make it right,” I said meekly. “I’ll buy another, if need be.”

I mean, $500L or so wouldn’t kill me.

But when we got to his lot, Mr. Stantz, gracious and generous as ever, gave Chi a replacement. Then he customized colors and textures (well, for a four-leaf clover, the house was awfully somber in aspect) until weariness overtook him.

By then, Chi’s formerly black skybox had a pleasant stucco texture and color.

We stuck the house back in the sky, Chi set a new Home spot, and Bob was your uncle.


Photo: Chi-Chi’s replacement skybox, retexturized, on Mr. Stantz' lot, with Chey and Mr. Stantz. Chrissy asked for a mustard color, but hated it when it arrived.

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