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Land Grab VI: Kitra Goes All Dracula

Kitra’s Kastle. Note How Much Taller It Is Than the Volcano!
Kitra’s Kastle
Mouse Sign Visible from Chez Kitra
Written 19 January, 2006

Land Grab

VI. Kitra Goes All Dracula

When Kitra IMed me and said he needed to see me, I knew there would be trouble.

There was.

What now, I thought. Is the mountain still too jaggy? Did one of my friends stray across the property line? Did you see a particle?

But Kitra only wanted to tell me was that he and his new partner, Ardnems, were fans of Lord of the Rings and were going to change their lifestyle.

“But don’t worry,” he said in chat. “It won’t be creepy Medieval. It’ll be nice medieval.”

Yeah. Right. In a tropical Dreamland sim that is themed for pirates.

Blast and avast!


I didn’t mind the first castle so much.

But the second castle!

It was frigging huge!

It was 15 meters taller than Pele! it loomed over my volcano, grossly violating not only the no castles policy of the covenant, but the height restriction.

To make matters worse, Kitra had had the ground of his sea-level lot raised.

“So the dungeon won’t be underwater,” he said.


I’m a tolerant person, but Artik’s swinging of his fist had got me right on the nose, so I complained.

To Sweetie, who said, “There, there.”

To Dodgeguy, who said, “I don’t want to have to look at that thing!”

To Damian, who said, “I’ve already complained to Carcinia.”

Which is exactly what I did.


When I told Kitra his castle was unacceptable, he said, “I paid $12,000 for this baby!”

Meaning of course, that it was not going to go away.

“Things are going to get real Dracula around here,” he threatened.


I had a terrible couple of days. Turrets were floating in the air above Kitra’s ugly-ass castle, and he was skulking about with a cape and a caption above his head that read “Lord.” Smendra—I mean Ardnems—was, of course, Lady Arnems.

I couldn’t help snooping.

I’ve gotten pretty good with camera control, so I looked at every square inch of Transylvania Tropicana and kept a running count on the prims Kikra was using.

Once I zoomed in on him and took the middle snapshot above. I’m pretty sure he heard it.

I had made a sign at the property line, invisible from Kitra’s side, that warned my visitors they were leaving Pele and risked getting zapped. I made the reverse side visible and put a picture of Mickey Mouse on it, making sure it was clearly visible from Transylcastle’s main windows.

Why Mickey Mouse?

Think about it. Dracula. Mickey Mouse. Dracula. Mickey Mouse.

When no one was around, I rezzed a 40 meter giant prim sphere above Pele, Put Mickey’s face on it, set it to rotating, then derezzed it.

I wanted it handy in case things got ugly.

And if it didn't work, I would pull out the 100-meter sphere.


I stayed on the horn with Carcinia until she finally came out to see what all the fuss was about. She was aghast at what Kitra had done to his portion of Pele.

Flattened and lowered and smoothed it.

Sort of like the hash browns at Waffle House. Scattered and chunked and covered and flattened and lowered.

“He said he got special permission to do that,” I told her.

Lying bastard.

Carcinia told Kitra the Dracastle had to go.


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