Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Terraformer Chey

Written 8 December, 2007

I Get a Career

II. Terraformer Chey

I’m a terraformer in Second Life.

We all know about my misadventures in terraforming Pele.

I lowered the mountain and put all the beaches in the water a couple of times accidentally, but I eventually got it right.

Last night I terraformed the 5120 square meter property adjacent to Pele. (The parcel is mine now; film at eleven).

The previous owner had, contrary to the covenant, chopped down his portion of Pele. I restored its former gentle slope.

And I lowered the land more than 10 meters; the idiot previous owner had raised it so he could have a dungeon. (More on said idiot in my forthcoming series about my new land).

And I cut away the formerly square coastline to make a natural shape so I could install some waves.

It all took about 30 minutes.

Yep, Chey is a terraformer.


Photo 1: Pele, repaired after my terraforming disasters.

Photo 2: Pele North after terraforming by yours truly.

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