Thursday, January 11, 2007

Camera Control

Written 11 January, 2007

Camera Control

We all know what camera control is, of course. It took us like five seconds after we were first rezzed to learn to swivel our POV so we could look at our pretty selves (me, especially!).

But there's way more to it than that!

Somehow I've gotten pretty good at it.

This morning I looked at Pele from underneath and found five lost prims.

The other night, after Sweetie had drifted off to sleep, I lay in bed and maneuvered my camera 50 meters below me, where pieces of the Dragon Skybar had been hanging since we moved the skybar to 550 meters, selected the pieces, and jumped them to 500 meters. Then, still lying in bed, I moved then into place and linked them.

On Friday, I made an experiment. Realizing I was just four sims over from Treasure Island and my old home space in their chalet, I flew (really flew, no camera control) to their house.

It took a while, because even with view distance turned up to 250 meters, stuff had to rez in, but by checking the map from time to time, and by consulting my handy HUD compass, I made it.

Dreamland has been moving sims around this week, and Treasure Island is now six sims away, but I could get there with camera view if I wanted.

I tested this by camera-walking two sims over. I could easily have gone four sims more.

To do such things, one must disable the constraints on camera control.

You do this in the Client window, which may or may not be visible at the top of your screen.

There's a toggle, CTRL-ALT something (I think C, and if it's not C it's close) that turns the Client and Server menus on and off. You need them on to disabled camera constraints-- and for that matter, to rebake.

So disable those constraints and practice your camera control.


Photo 1: This view of Pele would not be possible without camera control. The view is positioned over a vacant sim.

Photo 2: I took this picture of my neighbor Kitra inside his castle. I was at least a hundred meters away. I wonder if he heard the click when I took the photo.

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