Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cheyenne's To-Do List for Pele

Written 12 January, 2007
(Updated 17 January, 2007)

Cheyenne’s To-Do List for Pele

1. Make an Erupt Mode prim 10 x 10 x .5 meters in size to see if it makes smoke over a larger area than .5 x .5 x .5 meter prims. If so, change all the Erupt Mode prims to 10 x 10.

Status: Done. Didn't work.

2. Unlock and set groups on the remaining two Wurlitzers so they will play.

Status: Done.

3. See if others on group can change radio stations.

Status: Asked Xubi. No response from her. Chat probably didn't arrive.

4. Get E-Mail to IM machine working.

Status: Didn't get to it yet.

5. Set up Leaf Shermer’s media room (she’s a neighbor to whom I offered free decorating assistance).

Status: Made her a giant flat screen and speakers; gave her a Wurlitzer jukebox and a bar. Remaining to do: Get DVD machine, add artwork and little touches.

6. Offer to help Nikolas decorate his house (he’s a neighbor whose property was trashed by vandals to whom he gave modify land and modify objects permissions).

Status: Did. Polite no thanks. He did introduce me to a woman who wants her private island terraformed.

7. Find missing section of Xubi house and put back in place (or get another copy from inventory).

Status: Did it. Xubi didn't notice the difference. That's because there IS no difference. I told her, though.

8. Ask Xubi for mod ok replacements for other part of the house so I can turn eaves and door decorations phantom so I don’t bump into them all the time.

Status: I did ask, and Xubi altered them on the spot.

9. Place door threshholds in Xubi house.

Status: Not gotten around to it.

10. Ask Dreamland to make land above 5-10 meters green, like it used to be.

Status: I did, and they did. There will be a blog about it.

11. Work on river bottom (sunken boat, plants, kelp and coral reef [at junction with ocean]).

Status: In progress.

12. Build additional roof for temple to Pele.

Status: Done.

13. Place footlights at stage at East Beach.

Status: Not done.

14. Place trees and flowers across land

Status: Flowers placed. Trees not placed.

15. Make sounds for erupt mode and lava flow.

Status: Lava flow sounds installed. Erupt mode sound not yet located.

16. Put notecard dispenser at main teleport location.

Status: Not yet done.

17. Install teleporter machine on East Beach.

Status: Not yet done, but I had a flash a couple of hours ago and I know just what I'm going to go.

18. Find or make posters and rugs for Xubi house.

Status: Close to completion. Just a few more pieces needed.

19. Resize ridiculously large Japanese living room set.

Status: Not done.

20. Find a hot tub for balcony of Xubi house.

Status: Not done. Will ask Sweetie or Xubi to make me one.

21. Set out houseplants in Xubi house.

Status: Done.

22. Tweak TV screens around island.

Status: One down, one to go.

23. Buy DVD machine.

Status: Not done.

24. Find a sex bed.

Status: Done. Not yet purchased.

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