Saturday, January 6, 2007

Dragon Party at the Caldera

Written 5 January, 2007

Dragon Party at the Caldera

The New Year’s holiday saw a fearsome and wonderful gathering at the caldera in Pele. By starlight, not one, not two, but three great wyrms came to play in the 1.5 meter deep lava. They love the heat and smoke.

Their fiery flames lit the night and made the air smell of sulphur. The two boy dragons were especially frisky, trying out their dragon “parts” on each other and flashing the girl dragon and me. Alas, I had nighttime turned down so dark I didn’t see it.

The lady dragon was BreathOfG8D Onmura (SL won’t let avs use “God” in their names), with whom Chey is especially chummy. She once sent Chey a message that dragon tongues are three feet long and quite wonderful in lovemaking).

Before long, a friend named Rena materialized a 10 x 10 x 1 met prim and put Tom Delay’s head on it, and he and BOG and I and my neighbor Damian, who came over to see what all the ruckus was, all sat on it as Rena whirled Mr. Delay crazily about his x, y, and z axes. It was so hysterically funny I almost peed myself.

Alas, the pictures of the Tom Delay carnival ride didn’t come out.

But this one did.


Photos: Dragon Party at the Caldera at Pele

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