Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness III: The Rollback

Sim Rollback. Everything Looks Normal at First, But it Isn’t

Written 16 January, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness

III. The Rollback

When I visited Nikolas to console him—all that was left on his property was a newly-rezzed house and a little boat dock—he mentioned  he had requested that his property be reverted to its state before the theft. His friends, he said, had told him this could be done.

I’d never thought about it, but realized when he said it that it was possible. I was happy for him that he would be getting his stuff back.

I didn’t think twice about it when, a couple of hours later (around 7:00 pm Linden time on 12 January), I got a notice that the sim was about to be rebooted. That happens all the time.

I had been meaning to sort out my landmarks, so I teleported around the grid to remind myself what was what.

When I got back home, everything seemed fine. But then I noticed Murray the moray eel swimming around in the little inlet next to the lava flow.

My heart skipped a beat, because I had taken Murray into my inventory just that morning and replaced him with a shark.

Everything most definitely wasn’t right.

With a sinking feeling, I xoomed to the Xubi house (or zoomed to the Zubi house) and found it empty.

And no, Nikolas’ thieves hadn’t returned to clean me out.

The sim had been rolled back.

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