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The MystiTool, Part Two

Written 19 January, 2007

The MystiTool, Part Two

So, here’s what it does. Remember that most of these features can be turned on and off, or adjusted or customized in a variety of ways.

Privacy Features

* Lets you show or hide the HUD and change the size and texturized labels of the HUD buttons.

* Provides three user-customizable HUD buttons.

* Informs you of avatars within 96 m (or whatever range you set, updated as frequently as you wish)

* Informs you when an avatar comes within Chat range.

* Tells you what those avs are doing (sitting, flying, typing, away, etc.)

* Scans an entire sim for avatars present.

* Scans other sims for avatars present.

* Scans for scripted items that may be listening to public chat (yours or others, range selectable)

* Locates an avatar within 96 meters.

* Bans and unbans avs within 96 meters.

* Unsits, ejects, or teleports home an avatar.

* Sets the URL stream of your land.

* Movelock (prevents you from being moved when pushed). This is handy in crowded venues.

* Kills, traps, and drags avatars.


* Rez a following chair (this is like the min-bot that Jesse rode)

* Rezzes a table and chairs. (Way cool. Two table sizes, and chairs rez, derez, and position themselves. Low-prim, but stylish. Colors can be changed. Will rez up to 200 chairs.).

* Keeps a teleport history (36 locations).

* Stores an unlimited number of landmarks.

* Stores up to 45 favorite locations for quick teleport.

* Stores objects with Copy permission for easy rezzing.

* Let’s you fly to any height. Speed is adjustable.

* Rezzes a posting stand.

* Catches URLs in public chat.


* Rezzes a sky platform elevator. Customizable.

* Instantly rezzes a 40x40 platform under your feet, even in no-script areas.

* Rezzes a camera follower (useful for large builds). Will seat up to six avatars. (I’m still learning about this one).

* Warns when time dilation and frames-per-second drop below set threshold.

* Anti-Idle (Prevents you from being sent away due to inactivity). You may still be logged out..

* Color converter (gives correct color vector in scripting).

* Land calculator (gives prims allowable per square meter. Can specify land or prims and the other will be calculated.

Fun Toys

* Emoter (plays a facial animation).

* Animation control (And can stop all active animations)
/1 anim falldown
/1 anim standup
/1 anim backflip
/1 anim dead


* Moves your av to the top of another av’s head.

* Says something in Chat as another avatar.

* Popup sender—will let you send a blue popup window with specified text to any av within 96 meters (or, once specified, within the same sim).

* Finds an avatar. (You just follow the trail of glowing particles)

* Emits dust particles when flying (can set starting and ending colors).

* Makes your avatar emit light (color, intensity, radius, and falloff are settable).


* Backs up and restores your settings, favorites, landmarks, teleport history, remote scanner locations, and personal objects.

* Sleep mode (disables features which contribute to lag in crowded sims).

* Shows settings for each MystiTool feature

* Shows free memory in scripts.

* Changes the channel



To buy one, just search MystiTool or go to the Blumfield sim, where Mystical Cookie has a store in the sky.

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