Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pose Ball Crazy

Written 10 January, 2007

Pose Ball Crazy

Sweetie has gone pose ball crazy.

They’re everywhere.

I’m always tripping over them (why ever don’t the makers set them to phantom? Half the time when I stand up from the pose I find myself perched on one of the balls!) in the House of 1000 Pleasures, and even on East Beach, where last night we made sweet love by moonlight, naked on the stage.

If you saw my picture of a sex bed, that was contrived. I merely made a bunch of little pink and blue spheres and dumped the on the bed—but it’s not far removed from reality.

Only in reality, the pose balls aren’t only on the bed; they’re on rugs, chairs, couches, up against walls, and in the shower.

Sweetie is like a conductor with her pose balls. She orchestrates sweet lovemaking with them.

And she adjusts them so they’re just right.

Because Sweetie is a tweaker.

I jump on and she moves me around until she has me just where she wants me. And then she jumps on and the fireworks begin.

I have to say I’m glad Sweetie went pose ball crazy, for if she hadn’t, I would’ve had to have gone shopping for them myself. And I’m Chey, as you know, so I would have blushed.

Our favorite pose balls come from Bits ‘n’ Bobs, for their pose balls are sensual as well as sexual.

A girl has to be careful. We had an awful experience with pose balls I picked up at a garage sale. There was no eye contact, no seduction, no tenderness, just hardcore stuff that affected us both strongly.

If I could find it among all the pose balls we’ve pulled out, I’d put it right in the trash. Or maybe for a kick I’d put the script in the giant bobbing drinking bird Sweetie is planning to build.

You may know Bits ‘n’ Bobs’ work. Their great Devotion is on the top stage of the Eiffel Tower in New Paris—and I bought one to place on the stage on East Beach in Pele.

Their Resolution series is hot, hot, hot.

I’m riding on a pose ball as I write this. Sweetie is moving me around. For a while I was pushed down into the floor. Just now I’m high in the air. When she’s satisfied—

I’ll just have to close this blog, even if it’s very sud


Photo: Sweetie is adjusting the pose ball I'm on.

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