Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Tour of Pele VIII: Conclusion

Written 2 January, 2007

A Tour of Pele

VIII. Tour Conclusion

This ends the Pele Conservancy’s tour of Pele, the home of the volcano goddess. We hope you’ve enjoyed yourself. Feel free to make a donation to help us keep Pele beautiful, and remember, you can explore to your heart’s content.

Thank you for visiting Pele.

We would like to announce the Pele Conservancy has just acquired the 5100 sq m plot to the north and restored the conical shape of the mountain; it was cut away by the previous owner. We will soon be installing gardens and waterfalls for your pleasure.

Do please come ag--

What’s that sound!?

Oh—look! Ash in the air! And the earth is moving! I think Pele is in one of her moods.

Uh, would any of you happen to be a virgin?


Photo: Almost certainly a virgin

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