Sunday, December 31, 2006

Adventures with Sweetie

Written 29 December, 2006

Adventures with Sweetie

I love doing things with Sweetie.

No, not THAT!

Well, yes, THAT, but that wasn’t what I meant.

I mean I like to hang out with Sweetie. I like to go places with her.

And I love to have adventures with her.

Flying high was certainly an adventure.

50,000 meters! That’s more than 25 miles! I told Sweetie we should consider charging NASA to hang satellites in orbit.

I like working side-by-side with Sweetie, too. Sometimes we’re manipulating the same prims, undoing one-another’s work. Sometimes we’re working on separate projects, and don’t even say much to one another. It’s comforting to just know she’s there.

I was once married (in my first life) to someone who always managed to “get sick” when adventures were afoot—once when two couples had driven down to visit and we were fifty miles from home in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We drove somberly back to the house, and then-Sweetie miraculously revived. So it’s a delight to have a Sweetie who doesn’t go into headache mode whenever things get zippy. When she gets into headache mode, it’s because she has banged her head. She does that sometimes.

It helps—immensely—that Sweetie is charming and funny and frequently soars into the heights of irreverent hilarity.

When Sweetie gets upset, she doesn’t lash out at me or others or act inappropriately in any way. She engages in a remarkable introspection, from which she emerges stronger and even more balanced than she ordinarily is, which is very balanced. She is a remarkable woman.

Sweetie is a delight.

And yes, THAT way, too!


Photo: Sweetie in Winterland

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