Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Eureka! Wurlitzer

Bubble Machine

Written 12 January, 2007

Eureka! Wurlitzer

I’ve been having trouble with my Wurlitzer jukebox.

Actually, with all three of them.

A good while ago, I bought a Wurlitzer parcel radio changer from Weedy Herbst. It was way cool, with voice-activated commands. It came with a hundred or so-built-in stations which I could access by genre or by number, and I could add my own stations by number or by genre simply by adding the URLs to the genre and station cards.

I could change channels by simply typing things like /classical; /reggae /dance or /radio 93; /radio 14/ radio 52. It worked anywhere within Chat range, which is about 20 meters, and further than that if I yelled. That meant it worked everywhere on my property.

It worked great. And then it didn’t.

I IMed Weedy, who was kind enough to send me a new one after I returned the old one to her.

It worked great. And then it didn’t.

By then I had not one, not two, but three, ladies and gentlemen, three Wurlitzers.

That was because the vertical range of the script was limited, so I needed one for the House of 1000 Pleasures and another for the Dragon Skybar.

All of them stopped working about a week ago.

I thought it must be a Second Life thing, but last night I found out it was because I had locked them.

Or because I had set them to my group and I wasn’t wearing the group tag.

Or both.

The problem was all with my settings. I had them set to group, and I was wearing the wrong group tag. The Wurlitzers were fine all along. There’s no problem at all with Weedy’s script.

All the Wurlitzers are working now.


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