Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Parcel Party II: Snowcrash

Written 29 January, 2007

Open House

II. Snowcrash

It was a slow crash.

You know the ones. Suddenly you realize nothing has shown up in chat for a while. You type something, and it doesn’t go to Chat. Your IMs aren’t coming in, either. And you try to move, and can’t.

It hit us all that way. Eventually we figured it out and logged off and back on.

We had crashed the sim.


Everyone was back in ten minutes, including Bill and Pam. We were ready to go again.

Then, three seconds after the Havercamps’ stream started, the radio station change I had done five minutes earlier finally came in (usually it takes five seconds) and wiped out the live concert.

After that, we couldn’t get the music going again. The stream was broken—and not only in Pele. It wouldn’t work on Pele South, or on Bill’s private property, or at his guitar shop.

If only I hadn’t sent in that radio station change we might have been able to have finishd the concert. But we couldn’t.

Sweetie arrived right after the snowcrash, but disappeared when I went into the sky for two minutes to lower the bamboo hut and fire ring I had raised 200 meters (it was easy, I just decreased the z position by exactly 200 meters).

I took up the cushions and extra seats I had placed and Pam arrived to pick up her dance pose balls. The open house was officially over.

A great time was had by all.

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