Saturday, January 6, 2007


Written 5 January, 2007


No, not Bill Gates’ Windows. Second Life’s windows.

One of my friends, Greg, saw Exuberance’s excellent work on my house and contracted with her to make some modifications on his skybox.

It was her second gig as a builder.

Before long the skybox had morphed into a house, and Xubi was soon spending quite a lot of time at Greg’s place.

Her last task was to do Greg’s doors and windows.

It was the windows that drove her crazy.

Greg wanted windows that could be darkened when and his sweetie Crimson were feeling romantic. Xubi designed beautiful doors and windows and bought a professional window package and...

Got stuck.

They worked and worked on the windows, but they just weren’t happening.

Last night she teleported me to Greg’s place, where she was working on his flat roof, trying to make the windows change colors—or more accurately, trying to make only one side of the windows change colors, so Greg could make all of the outsides of all the windows go from transparent to opaque with one touch. It was driving her crazy.

A night or two earlier, she had asked me and a friend to help her with the windows. The instructions to the windows were quite unclear, but he and I, working alongside each other on the beach, had both gotten them to change, and at about the same time. Alas, both sides were changing color, but at least it was a start.

Standing on the roof, missing a lot of Xubi’s chat because scripting sort of takes you inside yourself (yeah, I know, being inside yourself when you’re already inside yourself in SL!), it took me about fifteen minutes to get a set of windows working property— and without being linked, and from a remote switch, at that!

It’s always nice to be able to help out a friend. Xubi has done me so many good turns—I mean, my house is FABULOUS—it was especially nice to be able to give her a hand.

Next up: Scripting


Photo: I’ve been working on the windows, all the livelong day

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