Sunday, January 7, 2007

Tweaking with Sweetie

Written 5 January, 2007

Tweaking with Sweetie

My Sweetie has a common Second Life compulsion.

She can’t resist right clicking on objects, selecting Edit, and examining them.

And, occasionally, changing them.

Sometimes, I think even when we’re lying in one anothers’ arms she’s worrying with the texture density on that beautiful brass screen she made or with the fit of her necklace.

In fact I’m sure of it.

Because I tweak things too.

I’m, I’ll admit it, a tweaker.

But Sweetie may have it worse than me.

Not long ago we were chatting with Dodgeguy and Xubi in front of the Xubi house, and Sweetie said in chat, “Uh-oh.”

It seemed that she had accidentally pasted a texture on one of my non-copyable, paid-for palm trees.


I didn’t care. Palms are cheap. Love is priceless.

Besides, trees are so big it’s really easy to select them when you’re aiming for something else.

And also besides, the palm looked just fine to me.

Until I walked around to the other side of it.

Yep, oops.

I love Sweetie so much that when I noticed a glitch in my big skybox (which she had been tweaking) I went right out and bought another, took careful measurements, and de-rezzed the old one, leaving the furniture sitting in mid-air; then I rezzed the new one and typed in the coordinates, setting it perfectly in place.

Besides, those skyboxes are made to link to one another, making for a really big space.

And besides, it was really cheap.

And besides, I’ve noticed that there’s some sort of SL bug that causes texture densities in linked objects to jump when you edit one side of one of the prims.

So it wasn’t Sweetie’s fault.

And besides, I’m growing increasingly convinced that texture densities sometimes jump by themselves.

In fact, I figured Sweetie had been tweaking the black marble floors in the House of 1000 Pleasures, for the textures on the small edges, which are visible outside the building, were suddenly out of whack.

So I took careful measurements, deleted the old House of 1000 Pleasures, and stuck a new copy in place.

Here’s to COPY-enabled houses.

In fact, this is maybe the fourth House of 1000 Pleasures.

But Sweetie didn’t do it. She told me so when I told her we were poseballling in a new house. The textures just jumped.

Sometimes Sweetie and I tweak the same things at the same time. Not so long ago, we were both fiddling with the lava in the caldera, undoing one anothers’ work and just having a great time doing it.

I love to tweak with Sweetie.


Photo 1: Palm Tree, Side 1

Photo 2: Palm Tree, Side 2

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