Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Tour of Pele IV: Lava Flow and Underwater Park

Written 2 January, 2007

A Tour of Pele

IV: Lava Flow and Underwater Park

Some years ago, Pele had a significant eruption. Part of the crater collapsed and molten lava burst through to flow down the flank of the mountain to the sea. It was accompanied by a pyroclastic flow that killed every living thing on the north side of Pele. Fortunately the prevailing winds blew the ash westward, out to sea, rather than toward the inhabited sims south of Forsaken.

The flow continues to this date. As you can see, it’s still hissing into the sea.

The water here, warmed by the lava, makes for pleasant swimming and diving. Murray the moray is like a pet. You needn’t fear him—but beware the shark and octopus that lurk in the estuary near East Beach.

The sea horses are the last remaining population of the subspecies. Fortunately, they spawn at a high rate. We’re thinking of exporting mated pairs to other sims in hopes they’ll proliferate.

If you go under the water, you’ll see the lava cooling and finally solidifying. Up above the water, it’s all smoke and commotion.

Someone long ago made a bridge out of found objects, so let’s cross the lava and walk over to East Beach.

Late Note: After a lingering illness, Murray the moray succumbed to intestinal parasites. He has been replaced by Sammy the shark, who has already eaten one of my pelicans. Beware!


Anonymous said...

Things could get very hot on an island where your moments away from molten lava flowing into your bedroom !!!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I live in constant fear of an eruption. However, Pele the volcano goddess seems to have taken a liking to me, and she has promised no major eruptions, so long as I can find a virgin to sacrifice to her.

You don't know any virgins, do you? I'm finding them rather scarce in Second Life.