Wednesday, January 10, 2007

God Forbid

5 January, 2007

Chey’s Breakdown

III. God Forbid

God forbid, what if the internet went down?

What if Linden Lab’s Board of Directors decided to shut down Second Life and build particle beam weapons for Uncle Sam or toilets for Home Depot?

What would happen to all of the Second Life land? To the Lindens? To all those high-prim, ugly sofas? And most of all, to the relationships that are enabled only because of friend status within SL?

What would happen?

How horrible would it be?

Maddened lovers would be forever cut off from their paramours.

Why, oh why, didn’t they at least get a Google eddress?

If the gods were to smile and my relationship with Sweetie were to show promise for real life (unlikely, as I’ve previously noted), how would we get in touch with one another without Second Life?

That’s a rhetorical question, as we’ve exchanged Google eddresses-- but maybe not, for I’m not sure if she’s received the e-mail I sent her, and I’ve received none from her.

I know only her first name, her general location, and the type of work she does.

I told her my last name the other night for just in case, and because I wanted her to know who I was. I had already told her my first name. My name would suffice to find me, for I’m all over the internet.

But I could never find her.

Could you imagine—could you just imagine-- the broken hearts if something were to happen to SL?

Just thinking gloomy thoughts today. And after I promised not to get maudlin again, too!


Photo: Communication breakdown

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