Saturday, January 6, 2007

Chi-Chi VII: The Problem with Assumptions

Written 28 December, 2006


VII. The Problem with Assumptions

Chi-Chi, secure in her heterosexuality, never considered Cheyenne might have a girlfriend.

Cheyenne isn’t gay in either her first life or second lives, but, surprising even herself, she has nevertheless managed to acquire a girlfriend.

So when, just after telling Chi I was going dancing with my lover, I introduced Chi to my amour, she was flabbergasted.

And yes, I did it thinking I would blow her mind. It was not a nice thing to do. Bad Chey!

And it did blow her mind.

“You didn’t tell me you liked girls!” she IMed me, even as she said hello in Chat to my special friend.

“I didn’t know I did,” I answered truthfully.

I was in fact discovering that I did like girls—my girl, anyway—very much indeed.

“It just happened.”

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

“I guess I’m not your type!”

Chi, sex kitten that she is, must need to factor her own sexual desirability into every situation.

“It just happened,” I repeated lamely.

I was blowing my own mind. Was I a lesbian? What did it mean to be in a same-sex relationship in Second Life?

I’m not sure what it means. I only know I am whirlajig in love with an avatar and most likely the person behind that avatar, and that person, like Chey, is a woman.

I achieved my goal. Chi-Chi was surprised.

But it’s Cheyenne who is confused.


Photo: Cheyenne, wondering how she would look with a regulation lesbian haircut.

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