Sunday, January 21, 2007

Land Grab V: Valley Turns Me In

Written 19 January, 2007

Land Grab

V. Valley Turns Me In

I began to realize just what bad neighbors I had when Carcinia Polano showed up. There had been complaints, she said.

I had particles in my volcano.


I had stuck them in the volcano only because the Dreamland lava had been zapped in the great recall and I was afraid I would get in trouble for having a naked volcano.

Carcinia said my land would probably be reverted, but at that point, because of my terraforming misadventures, I really didn’t care. I could have talked her out of it, I’m sure, but at the time I just didn’t want to be bothered.

And Pele was reverted, not just to the stage at which it was when I bought it, but beyond.


I met Valley only once, the time I had demonstrated the ride-the-mini-bot-thing. I gave her a Christmas tree I bought from Bill Havercamp, too.

The bitch.


Some two weeks after we bought our properties, Kitra told me he and Valley had split up.

“She thought I was in IMs with the ladies,” he said.

Considering that they were married in their first lives, I thought it would have been easy enough to check. And considering Kitra’s cautious approaches, I was pretty sure what Valley had discovered.

So Second Life split up Kitra and Valley.

That bitch.


Less than a week later, Kitra sent me a photo of his proposal to another avatar.


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