Friday, July 25, 2014

Box Angst

Boxbots. Photo by Sweetie
Sure, it's fun being a boxbot when you're with all your boxbot friends. You can hang out at Grendel's, trick newbies into thinking you can all be opened, pull in your arms and legs and pretend to be a prim-- but in the end, we all exist alone, and perhaps being a box is not the ultimate existence. You dare hope you might become a robot.

And so you take yourself to the Whimsy Kaboom Robot Sanatarium.

Once you get through security you can begin the painful process of robotifying yourself.

Please, Unit Bender, Will You Help Me Become a Robot?

Mesh Flowers at Whimsy Entry

Teleport Board at the Whimsy Entry Point
With New Mesh Flowers And Free Whimsy Hard Hat

Here's the way the entry at Whimsy looked when the sim was new:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Insane Robot at the Cornfield

I took Sweetie to The Cornfield the other day. She was at first not wanting to get involved with a game that involved shooting and monsters, but once exposed, she warmed quickly to the concept. Before I knew it she had set the sun to midday so she could see better, located the health regeneration machine, and derendered most of the corn so she could more clearly see the monsters and the cobs. Yeah, that's the way Sweetie rolls.

What she was most excited about was finding someone wearing our robot avatar from the Whimsy Kaboom Robot Sanatorium. There it was, holding a plank, ready to go whup up on some monsters.

She was suspicious until she decided it was on a day pass to allow it to release its aggressive tendencies.

She summoned me to meet it. "I like your hat," I said.

I can't tell you how gratifying it is to see something you have created while you are exploring the grid. Until now it was only maypoles and torii gates. Now I'm happy to say I have seen an avatar I created gathering corn and kicking monster butt.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Legendary Cornfield, Come to Life

First, see here for the history of the cornfield, which involves telekinesis, a short story by Jerome Bixby, Rod Serling, Bill Mumy, and Second Life griefers.

The cornfield is back in Second Life as a demo of the new (actually, still in Beta) Experience Keys.

In Second Life we must all grant permission every time an object wants to interact with us. For instance, there's a puddle of oil at our Robot Sanatorium. Oil is slippery, right? When an avatar walks across the puddle, she slips and falls-- but only if she clicks yes to the blue menu box that pops up. Now matter how many times it happens, she must respond every time. Sweetie likes the example of a pickpocket on a Victorian sim: "Malefactor Resident would like to pick your pocket. Please type [Y] or [N]."

The Lindens are releasing what they call Experience Keys, which will require only a single granting of permission in certain situations; after that, permission will be granted automatically. That means that every time an avatar walks across the oil puddle at the robot sanatorium, it would slip and fall.

Here's the Linden's announcement about avatar keys, and Torley Linden's video on the subject:

Hair Fair Trauma

Whenever My Attention Wandered, Sweetie Would Hit Me with Her Demo Hair

Could it be time for the Hair Fair already? Has it been a year-- or are there several Hair Fairs?

I'm not impressed with rigid mesh hairdos, so the Hair Fair doesn't excite me, but it's fun to accompany Sweetie as she quests for the perfect hairdo. My job was to give my opinion-- even when I didn't have one.

This year the signage for females was bizarre-- the themes seemed to be junkie models...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Night Sail

A midnight sail. How peaceful...

Until we ran the Straits of Bob, that is!

Blue Whale

This is how Sweetie was has been seeing the mother blue whale on Whimsy Kaboom.

Here's how I see it.

It's strange her video card correctly displays the baby, but not the mama. It's the same whale, just sized differently.

It's still far better than what Sweetie USED to see back in 2006 and 2007. Check this out!

Mahjong... I Can't Quit You!