Friday, January 5, 2007

Chi-Chi II: Buying a Skybox

Written 27 December, 2006


II. Buying a Skybox

So, Chi and I went skybox shopping.

A skybox is a house that hangs in the sky.

In Second Life, of course, you can hang anything in the sky, even a pose ball or a lost Damian prim at 243 meters. You can hang any building at 400 meters, but skyboxes LOOK as if they should be hanging at 400 meters.

I did some preliminary scouting and teleported Chi-Chi to a lot and left her to look over the various sky dwellings while I went to talk details of house construction with Aaron Vollmer and Exuberance Lefleur.

Before I left, I told Chi-Chi she should make sure the house she chose was transferable, so I could give it to her after I bought it for her, and that it had a low prim count. “No more than 30, if possible,” I said.

I didn’t think that would pose a problem, since the builder was online and on-site.

Soon, though, I was getting frantic IMs from Chi-Chi.

All IMs from Chi-Chi have a frantic tone, but these were especially frantic. She was faced with a decision and needed my support. Would I please come?

So I risked being rude. I begged leave of my hosts and jumped to the lot.

Chi-Chi had picked out a home with rounded sides. It wasn’t the house I would have selected, but it was her house, after all, and not mine. Who was I to argue with her choice?

The salesman, a nice man named Flint Stantz, had already cut his price by some 60%, but the instant I arrived, he for some reason dropped the price to zero. We stepped Chi-Chi through the Buy procedure, and she had her house.


Photo 1: Model P20 skybox in Mr. Stantz’ lot

Photo 2: It's a four-leaf clover!

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