Thursday, January 4, 2007

More on Names

Written 4 January, 2007

I understand why SL won't let you change your name after you are rezzed, but surely there could be an SL authority of some sort to which you could appeal for exemptions. My friend Kraavdra, for example, cleverly chose for his first name the backwards spelling of aardvark, but not-so-cleverly misspelled it!

I told him his name sounds Hindi, and he said good, because he's a Buddhist.

I said I thought he was Sikh.

No offense to Buddhists and Sikhs. Just a little SL humor.

I chose my first name, Cheyenne, because it, like my real first name, is a place name. It's also the name of a people, of course, but I chose it because of geography. I wasn't thrilled by the available last names, so I chose Palisades because it also is a place name.

So there you have it!


Photo: The earth pig gave me this pair of neat flight-assist ram horns. I applied the stunning new texture, but doing so wasn't my idea, it was Sweetie's.

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