Sunday, January 21, 2007

Land Grab VII: Buying Kitra's 5120-Square-Meter Property

Kitra. You Don't Know How Much I Wish I Had Gotten the Penis Shot!

Forsaken Land

Written 19 January, 2007

Land Grab

VII. Buying Kitra’s 5120-Square- Meter Property

I’m so glad I had asked Kitra for first refusal on his land. When Carcinia shut down Vampireland, he IMed me and asked if I wanted to buy his 5k lot.

“I just bought half a sim. I’m going to sell. Either to you or to Dreamland. Do you still want it?”

“Yes,” I said. “Can I have 24 hours to get the money together?”

“I’ll talk to Carcinia, then.”

In retrospect, it’s possible he meant he would talk to Carcinia to arrange for us to meet to sell the land, but I’m morally certain he meant he wasn’t going to give me the 24 hours.

“Then I’ll be ready in 30 minutes,” I said.

And I was. I had to transfer in dollars for Lindens and borrow from Sweetie and from Bill Havercamp, but in fifteen minutes I had the necessary $25,000L in my account.


And then Kitra began to equivocate.

I waited, then IMed. And again.

“I’m starting to feel pressured,” he said.


Off somewhere biting necks, I guess.

Then he IMed.

“What’s with Mickey Mouse,” he asked.

“I’m planning to turn Pele into a Disney theme park,” I lied, and re-rezzed the 60-meter Mickey sphere over the caldera.


Finally, the castle came down. Within minutes, I found myself standing on the ravaged land with Kitra, Ardnems, and Carcinia.

I had set views to show invisible objects when my alt key was pressed. As we were waiting for Kitra to set the sale price on his land, I was using camera view to look around, there it was.

Kitra’s penis.

Erect, sticking straight out.

Because Second Life penises are erect, after all.

Invisible, ordinarily, but outlined in red ever time I had the ALT key pressed.
I immediately sent an IM to Sweetie.

“Kitra’s got a hard on!”

We completed the transaction, but I assure you, I was IMing Sweetie and falling out of my chair in my first life.

And the land had been grabbed.

I immediately unfriended Kitra and Ardnems.

And smiled.

I was now the owner of nearly a quarter of a sim in Forsaken.

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