Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Erupt Mode

Written 11 January, 2007

Erupt Mode

Ever since I acquired Pele, I’ve been telling people I’ve wanted an Erupt mode.

/erupt on

/erupt off


Now I have one!

And I don’t even have to type /

Last night I pulled out—with some trepidation, for I wasn’t quite sure they would work for my purposes— two expensive effects packages by Outy's, Waterworks and Smoke Scripts.

Both are developers’ packages that allow the owner to make and transfer object with the scripts embedded; that’s why they cost so much..

I’d been procrastinating because I thought the packages would require a considerable investment of time. I was afraid I would be disappointed.

They didn’t. I wasn’t.

First thing, I pulled out a .5m cube with the scripts embedded and it immediately began making fog.


It didn’t take long to tweak the parameters, since detailed instructions were included in the setting notecard.

Smoke instead of fog.

Black smoke instead of white.

Opaque fog instead of translucent.

Big smoke instead of small.

Long-lasting instead of quick-dispersing.

Affected by SL wind (yes)

Key word: erupt

As soon as I saved the changes, I typed

erupt on

amd the cube began to emit thick black smoke.


The HoverText script is responsible for the floating letters you see above some objects—teleporters, for instance.

My problem was that the object that was making smoke had hovertext, and I learned a while ago that removing a hovertext script from an object doesn’t kill the hovertext.


I found this out when I set up my non-copyable tiki post as an online indicator (misadventure previously related).

So I did what I always do when I get in trouble. I IMed Bill Havercamp.

“Make a copy,” he said. Bill is a man of few words.

I did, and killed the original, and I had a smoke-emitting cube with no hovertext.

I turned it phantom, made five copies, and buried all six in the wadeable lava.

Wadeable Lava

When I acquired Pele, she had static Dreamland lava and wimpy white smoke.

That didn’t last long; the smoke and lava disappeared when I returned all the objects on my land.

Nowadays the crater is filled with a moving, swirling bed of lava that measures 20 x 20 x 1.5 meters. It’s set to phantom, so you can immerse yourself in it.

You don’t fall though, though, for the lava bed sits atop a 20 x 20 x .01 meter solid prim (which happens to have an image of Pele on it, even though you can’t see it from above because of the opaque lava).

All of this makes for a four and one-half foot thick bed of lava through which you can wade.

In the lava are four cubes (set to phantom) which begin to emit black smoke when I type (within Chat range) “erupt on.”

They stop when I type “erupt off.”

In other words, I finally have an erupt mode.

Kewl, kewl, kewl.

I can’t wait to get back to Second Life so I can place fog-making cubes in the river.

Spattering Lava

Outy’s Waterworks was designed for the construction of showers and fountains.

But the “water” is colorable. I made it red at the start of its arc and black at the end (for solidifying lava).

I tweaked the parameters so the lava would disperse maximally, killed the HoverText script, made copies, and stuck them in the lava.

Now I had spattering lava that I could switch on and off.

The only problem was the command “Water on.” I wanted it, like the smoke, to respond to “Erupt on.” But unlike the smoke/fog script, there didn’t seem to be a settable command instruction.

Darn it, I want the flying lava to be controlled by “erupt!”

Outy, help!


Photo 1: Erupt off, Water off

Photo 2: Water on, Erupt off

Photo 3:
Erupt on, Water off

Photo 4: Erupt on, Water on

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