Wednesday, January 10, 2007


5 January, 2007

Chey’s Breakdown

II. Apologies

I’m sorry for that emotional outburst.

I’m usually so—stoic.

So many of my Second Life friends are affected in the same way.

Sorcha (see the link to her blog) is going nuts over her lover K., who tells her it won’t work in RL.

Mordecai is madly in love with Melissa.

Chi-Chi IMed me in distress the other night when her boyfriend of less than twenty-four hours threw her out. It had something to do with a dog collar.

My friend Star needed some late night girl talk on Tuesday night because her relationship had just ended.

And I’ve had late-night talks with my friend Kleo about her relationships in SL.

Second Life can play hell with our emotions.

I know it’s awakened feelings I’ve not had in years. Lust. Love. Even jealousy.

But I really need to control myself in blogspace.


Photo: Chey in an unhappy moment

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Sorcha McConachie said...

This SL is wreaking havoc with our emotions!! How did this happen?? I need the blog for an outlet! If I didn't have it I would spontaneously combust! : )