Sunday, January 21, 2007

Land Grab III: Pain in the ...

Jesse and Chey at the Space Museum, Jesse riding on a Mini-bot

Wanted for Trespassing—Jesse Prior

Written 18 January, 2007

Land Grab

III. Pain in the ...

Kitra was really a pain.

In the you-know-where.

He didn’t want me to place my lava flow on his side of the property line.

I didn’t.

The mountain was too jaggy.

I smoothed it.

He flirted.

I made excuses and left.

And he freaked about my friend Jesse.

Jesse has a uber slow connection at his college. It’s a perpetual problem. He lags so badly that sometimes when we hang out I rez a mini-bot that follows me about, and he sits on it and it take him with it. It’s the only way he can keep up with me.

Unfortunately, the mini-bot doesn’t make it through teleport jumps.

Jesse has a bot—it’s some kind of scripted bot, who know what it does—that does survive teleports. He rezzes it sometimes, and sits on it, and it, and he, follow me. That’s how he keeps up.

When I strayed across the property line—it’s easy, when Kitra has cut away the side of the mountain— with Jesse following on the bot, Jesse got booted and his bot stayed on Kitra’s property.

Where Kitra or Valley found it.

And freaked.

I explained that Jesse hadn’t been spying, and went so far as to rez a mini-bot and have Kitra sit on it so he and Valley could have a clue about what I was talking about.

Dumb as posts, those two, because Jesse stayed on Kitra’s ban list and Kitra reported Jesse to the Lindens—and, in a particularly nasty, to the owners of all Jesse’s groups.

And for what? For getting booted for crossing the property line.

The bastard.

And Valley.

That bitch.

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