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Sweetie's Seducer I: That Bastard Martin

Written 29 January, 2006

Sweetie’s Seducer

I. That Bastard Martin

Sweetie’s relationship with Martin troubles me for a lot of reasons—mostly related to Martin, or, rather, my assessment of his character and motivations. Here’s the breakdown.

First, His Intentions Are Clear

Martin’s intentions are implicit by his actions of course, but he has repeatedly made them explicit. Sweetie has told me this much. And I have heard him call her his muse.

Martin wants Sweetie for a Second-Life lover and a first-life mistress.

Second, He Has Been Persistent

From the day he met her, Martin has pursued Sweetie relentlessly, despite her insistence, she says (and I believe her) that they be only friends. He may lay off for a time when she rebuffs him, but like a bad penny, he always returns. He IMs her often—sometimes, I suspect, even when she and I are together.

I mean, I know my friends check in. I’m sure he does.

Third, He Has Lavished Her With Gifts Calculated to Impress

Martin has created toys in which I believe he has little or no interest, or at best a dispassionate interest, as they present him with a scripting challenge, and presented them to Sweetie with (I believe, since I haven’t been able to read his script code or look at the details of his objects) everything securely locked up.

They inevitably fall apart, but this doesn’t matter, for it impresses Sweetie, who gets all weak in the knees with the “physics engines” Martin uses in his code.

Or so Sweetie informed me when I mentioned that Martin’s toys destructed. “Martin uses physics engines!”

That’s such bullshit. Not on Sweetie’s part, certainly, for she has difficulty with scripting and goes all squishy around coders. He’s just making objects revolve and move laterally along x, y, and x coordinates. I’ve seen no evidence that he has his objects set to physical—and even then, it’s just fracking code, for godsakes.

Anyway, to date Martin has given Sweetie a swing for her dragon avatar (even though he doesn’t understand or even appreciate her reasons for being a dragon sometimes). It promptly fell apart and I’ve not seen it since.

He unilaterally made a giant bobbing bird and gave it to Sweetie. (This was, to my understanding, to be an Icarus Society group project, which had stopped me from making one myself). It fell apart after fifteen minutes.

When he learned she would be landscaping Pele South, he gave her a garden globe. To date, it hasn’t fallen apart.

And after the reception he brought her one of those cages they use in the circus—the kind with two hollow cylinders connected by a long arm, with an axis in the middle. The sort performers make spin round and round by walking on the cages.

It didn’t have time to fall apart, for parcel autoreturn reclaimed it (I had set the autoreturn because of the open house).

So, Martin, who I am quite certain does not understand the concept of fabulousness, has been doing his utmost to construct fabulous gifts for my Sweetie. And his sweetie.

Fourth, He Comes Around Only When Sweetie is Alone and Disappears Quickly When Others Come Around

Martin inevitably materializes when no one but Sweetie is about. Sometimes he doesn’t stay long because of what Sweetie believes is shyness but I’m certain is nervousness (explained below)—and he inevitably finds a reason for a prompt departure when I or others come around.

I’ve noticed that this seems unrelated to the hour, setting, or situation. It’s definitely an I-Want-To-Be-Alone-With-Sweetie thing.

Fifth, He Gets All Discombobulated Around Sweetie

Martin is a nervous nellie in Second Life. “He’s shy,” Sweetie says.


Martin is nervous because he wants Sweetie so badly he can’t stand it and it drives his blood pressure up.

When he met her in person, his sweatiness and nervousness were quite clear to her. And no, it wasn’t shyness. It was lust and anticipation and guilt.

Yes, he has met Sweetie in real life.

I’ve never met Sweetie in real life.

Sixth, He Has Lied to Sweetie

When he first met Sweetie, Martin told her he was fifty-seven years old. Later, he admitted to being sixty-one. Which means he is probably sixty-five.

“Fifty-seven. Yuck!” said Sweetie, after first meeting him. “That’s old enough to be my father!”

And worse, Martin disguised the fact that he was married until he met Sweetie in real life.

Seventh, He Is Using Sweetie’s Ambitions to Trap Her, With No Real Intention of Helping Her

Martin is using every trick in the married man’s I-want-to-seduce-you armamentarium on Sweetie. He has gone so far as to offer her work in real life.

Perhaps this enticement will lead to work for Sweetie—and perhaps not. But clearly it is something Martin has set up as a lure, as a trap for my Sweetie. He is using her ambition to put her in a situation in which she can be seduced.

He may actually help Sweetie, but if he does, it will be secondary and incidental to his actual purpose—which is to get her in bed, both in Second Life and in real life.

Martin, a married 61-year-old man, wanted Sweetie for both a Second Life lover and, provided she passed his visual inspection, a first-life lover.

So Martin, who lives in an East Coast city close to Sweetie’s arranged for an interview/audition for Sweetie. At his office, of course, for his wife (he gets annoyed when Sweetie berates him for neglecting his wife) would be at home. And Sweetie went.

As a safety measure, she took her friend Perry along.

So there has been an in-person visual inspection. And after a lull of a few days while Martin puzzled out whether he found her desirable in real life, the wooing continued. That means she ultimately passed the test.

Of course she would. I’ve seen her RL photos. She’s beautiful.

Eighth, He Contrived to Get Past a Locked Door and Go into our Bedroom to Check It Out


That’s right.

The only way to do that is to rotate camera view into a house and sit on an object.

And that’s just what that bastard Martin did.

Sweetie thinks it’s a teleport accident, but Sweetie is in some ways an innocent.

I know he did it, for if I had been in his situation I would have wanted to.

He even commented on our pose balls.

I know he suspected our relationship. Now he knew. It didn’t deter him.

I was in love with Sweetie for more than a month before I told her. I waited because she was in a relationship.

That’s what I mean by character. Martin, clearly, lacks it. Or, rather, his character is reprehensible.

Ninth, He Has Never Offered Me Friendship

Because Sweetie lives on Pele and because Martin has only a small parcel somewhere, most of his wooing has taken place on my property.

And I’m online a lot, so there have been times when I’ve been around. We've met one another perhaps a half-dozen times.

I didn’t offer him friendship. First, because he has no interest in me or what I have done with the land, and second, because I find him pathetic and lacking in character, but mostly because I wanted to wait and see if he had character enough to offer friendship to me.

He didn’t.

And now that I’ve blogged about it, it’s clearly too late.


So there you have it.

My assessment is that Martin is a dirty old man who is looking for a first-life mistress. He detests his wife and wants a young woman to tell him he is young, handsome, desirable, and virile—well, virile should have come first. Sweetie is his number one candidate.

Martin doesn’t love Sweetie. He’s certainly infatuated with her, and probably even fond of her, but his behavior doesn’t speak of love, but of cunning seduction. In real life, he has shown himself willing to use her ambition and need for work to set her up for an in-the-flesh seduction scenario. In Second Life, he has taken her to places where they were alone in hopes he would get up the nerve to put the moves on her.

He’s a self-serving, conniving motherfucker who is willing to use and abuse my Sweetie to have his way with her. Thank the goddess he's a twittery little shit whose seduction skills are far from polished.

Fuck you, Martin, and the horse you rode in on.

My horse, by the way, you son-of-a-bitch, is white.


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