Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness I: The News Breaks

Funky Beach Property on Forsaken (Mine)

Funky Beach Property on Forsaken (Dodgeguy’s)

McMansion on Forsaken

McMansion on Forsaken

Vacant Mini-McMansion on Forsaken
Note Dodgeguy's Prim Screen (So He Won't Have to Look at It)

Written 16 January, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness

I. The News Breaks

We had quite a time on the Forsaken sim last weekend.

And it wasn’t pleasant. Not at all.

There are five landholders on the sim. There’s myself, of course, and Dodgeguy and Damian, who are SL partners. We have funky beach property (well, I do have the elegant Xubi house, which is now furnished, but the property itself is funky. Volcanoes and beach camps and all that).

Then there’s Leaf Shermer. She has a formal estate with a big house and two yachts. She bought her land with objects, so it’s unclear what her land might have looked like if she had developed it. Leaf wasn’t around for a while, but is online a lot these days. I’ve been working with her on setting up a media room.

And there’s a new guy, Nikolas Dix, from Athens—and no, not the one in Georgia, the one in Greece.

Nikolas bought a big piece of land—some 11k square meters—and has been setting it up as another formal estate.

There’s a sixth landholder, but her—or his—property is small and unfurnished, and he—or she—is never around, so he—or she, or maybe they, doesn’t, or don’t, count, except to annoy Dodgeguy and Damian, who would like to knock down their, or his, or her mini-McMansion.

Sort of like the house next door in my RL.

I popped onto SL before going to work on Thursday and exchanged IMs with Nikolas. He told me he was happy with the way his new place was shaping up.

When I got home from work, Leaf IMed me immediately.

“Have you heard about the drama in the sim?” she asked.

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