Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pele is Shaping Up

Written 11 January, 2007

Pele is Shaping Up

Pele is looking good.

The volcano lacks only a sound for erupt mode.

The lava flow lacks only a hissing, bubbling sound.

The temple to Pele is complete, down to the bloodstains I made for the altar.

The Skybar is completed. Well, maybe I’ll install or make a mist machine.

The House of 1000 Pleasures is perfect.

With the addition of a keg of beer (courtesy of Dodgeguy) and a Coke machine, East Beach is completed.

The waves are all laid in, updated, and linked. I even thinned down the sounds so they won’t be overpowering.

The Xubi house is partially furnished. Now that I can afford the prims, I’m going out tonight for some beautiful Mission Style furniture and more French posters and a hot tub small enough to fit on the north side balcony.

Pele isn’t completed, you understand.

I’ve waterfalls to put in, and I need to find and install the sound for the Erupt mode.

I need to install a shark and maybe an octopus, since mine are still missing.

I need to figure out why the radio changer is usually broken and fix it.

I need to figure out the IM machine on the corner of my property.

I need a circling bird.

I want to build a Japanese-style footbridge to span the lava flow.

And the below-the-volcano space has hardly been touched.

But it’s looking really good.

Good enough to start thinking about having a housewarming.


Photo 1: Waves at Pele

Photo 2: Better bridge needed here

Photo 3: Every beach needs a Coke machine

Photo 4: Bloodstains at the altar to Pele. Recent?

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