Saturday, January 6, 2007

Chi-Chi VI: Decoration Day

Written 28 December, 2006


VI. Decoration Day

When Chi-Chi furnished her house, her bed, which fit nicely into one of the leaves of the clover, clocked in at 45 prims.

“That’s, uh, a nice bed, Chi.” I wondered how many pose balls were hidden in it.

I left her to her work.

It was the following morning I discovered Chi’s outrageous prim count.

Chi is a very nice person. Of course she took the prims away as soon as she got my message, and of course, she was most apologetic.

“I had no idea!”

I wish I hadn’t told her it was the sex machines. Before I did, she was secure in her knowledge that her windows were one-way and her door was locked. I had shattered her world.

“But my door is locked! Isn’t it?!”

Chi-Chi lives in an SL that adheres to the laws of energy and matter of the physical world. Walls are walls and locks are locks, and that is that.

I didn’t tell her her door (perhaps because it wasn’t really locked, and perhaps because I was owner of the land) had opened right up for me, and I had just walked in—after using the map to make sure she wasn’t there, for I didn't want to intrude on her privacy. Instead, I widened her reality by explaining camera control.

“If you click on a wall and rotate the view, Chi, you can see on the other sides of walls. I only wanted to see what was causing the high prim count. I counted the prims in your objects, and it was the sex machines that ran the count up. One of them has 89 prims.”

“They aren’t mine! A friend put them out for me!”

Last time I looked, Chi’s prim count was 43.


Photo: Sex Machine, owned, for some reason, by Chey. I have no idea how it got in my inventory. Really.

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