Sunday, January 21, 2007

Land Grab II: Kitra Scarlett

Kitra and Valley Scarlett's Forsaken Property

Written 9 January, 2007

Land Grab

II. Kitra Scarlett

I’ve REALLY been wanting to write about this guy.

I mean really wanting to.

I didn’t dare until now.

Because I coveted his lot.


Kitra and his RL wife Valley bought their property the same day I bought mine.

The picked up the parcel just adjacent to the volcano.

I’d been looking at that lot and might well have bought it instead of Pele, as it was 5120 square meters to Pele’s 4096, but they beat me to the punch.

I’m glad it worked out that way. I love Pele and would take nothing for her.

I didn’t, however, love Kitra.

I’ll have to say this for Kit: he was always polite. But he drove me nuts.

First, he leveled his portion of Pele to stick in a house he could just as easily have located on the flat.

This despite the Covenant’s admonishment about altering the topography.

“I got special permission from Dreamland,” he told me.


Then Kitra stuck his damned house right up against the property line. Bastard could have placed it anywhere, but he knocks down the mountain so he can be annoyingly close to me.

And then he put in his damned intrusion alarm.

He did have a reason for concern, I guess. He and Valley came home, he told me, to find a hooker doing business in his new log cabin.

Now me, I would have IMed her and demanded 50% of her trick wages and left her alone when she paid me. But Kit, or Valley, or both of them, freaked.

He told me he had spoken to her supervisor and gotten her fired.

Her supervisor? Hookers have supervisors? Did he mean her pimp? Pimps don’t fire hos, they beat the shit out of them.


The burglar alarm was a real pain—not for me so much, because Kit was kind enough to invite me to join the group which allowed access, but for my friends, who would stray across the property line near Pele’s caldera (an easy thing to do in such vertical territory) and get zapped.

I tried to tell Kit that 15 seconds just wasn’t long enough for one to get her wits about her and make her way off the property; he just told me that was the way it was set from the factory, as if that effing meant something.

Thank goodness the trauma of the hookershow faded with time, for the zapper came down—or maybe it was Valley who insisted on it.

That bitch.

Ratted Out

When I accidentally returned Dreamland’s lava and smoke (oops!), I filled the caldera with mini-particle explosions and the smoke-maker Smoky, which I managed to acquire somewhere.

And Valley turned me in.

That bitch.

She could have said something to me about it first.

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