Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness VI: Taking Things

Written 17 January, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness

Part VI. Taking Things

Mea culpa.

When I was pretty sure that the rollback at Forsaken would itself be rolled back, I made a fast tour of the property.

I picked up every non-copyable item on the land: my skybox, the pianos, the tiki bar and the grand bar at the Dragon Skybox (the Skybox was already taken, leaving the bar hanging in the air), all of the signs, the artwork, the beach huts, the radios and video equipment and spotlights and ceiling fans and carpets and lights and the dance floor and the sex rug and the pose balls and the bathtubs and the couches and chairs and tables and beds—

Well, you get the picture.

Because I would have them in inventory, in case things got worse.

And if the rollback was rolled back properly, I would have two of everything.


I’ve spent a lot of money on objects, and I make and would like to sell things myself, and I support the rights of creators, but I was going to profit by this cluster fuck.

And I did.

Because just after noon Eastern time on Saturday, the sim was rolled back.

Woo hoo!


No photo available. Wish I had taken pictures of the way things looked with all of the objects yanked out.

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