Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness IV: Breaking the News

Written 16 January, 2007

The Late Unpleasantness

IV: Breaking the News

Dodgeguy wasn’t on SL (the-I-have-to-make-a-living-thing), but Damian was. I IMed him and said, “Damian, Forsaken has been rolled back. A couple of days, I think.”

It took him a while to realize what I had said. Or maybe he was zooming up to Dodgeguy’s megahuge huge-prim built night club in the sky.

Then came his response.

“OMG! It’s all gone! Dodge is doing to freak!”

After that, he was pretty much speechless.

You see, Dodgeguy had just dumped a big bunch of money into his new club, buying lights, a ‘sploder (that’s a gambling machine), spending thousands of Lindens and placing the objects on the land.

And now it was all gone.


When Dodgeguy came in, he indeed freaked. He was ready to kill the Greek.

He was already mad at him because the theft and revenge terraforming had messed up his and Damian’s lagoon.

Now he was talking murder in the secondlife degree.


I was pretty upset myself, although not at Nikolas.

I was mad at Dreamland and Linden Labs for reverting the sim without giving any of us notification or warning.

Only the night before, I had furnished the Xubi house. I had bought and set out a beautiful—if expensive— set of Mission living room furniture, and put out all sorts of things:

On the south balcony, a blue floral bamboo dining set.

On the first floor, a Wurlitzer jukebox/parcel radio changer, a fire pit, a set of bamboo living room furniture, and assorted chairs and couches and tables and lamps and ceiling fans, art for the walls, room dividers, and area rugs.

On the top floor, a bedroom suite, a living room suite, artwork, and assorted chairs and couches and tables and lamps and rugs and room dividers, and another fire pit and a bathtub and an aquarium and stuff I’m sure I don’t even remember.

And oh, yes, a wall aquarium.

And now, because of Nik the Greek, it was all gone.


Photos 1-4: Xubi House, after furnishing

Photo 5: Xubi House, after rollback

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