This is a place for my favorite posts. I'll place a new link here every now and again, so please check in every once in a while. Older links will appear below the most recent entry.

But first-- here are two long and utterly ridiculous adventures of myself and the infamous Sweetie. And of course, every word is true!

Here's a link to the first of 15 absolutely absurd posts about the arrest and trial of Sweetie. All she did was cut off the heads of a few Teleportation Security Administration folks. Sheesh!

Go here for links to all 15 posts.

Here's the link to the first of our equally absurd 35-part adventure into the bowels of the great donut conspiracy.

And here's the link to the absurd and totally unnecessary 41-- yes, 41!-part kidnapping of Bob, our giant granite Paleolithic slightly deified drinking bird.

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XXI. Okay, So Where HAS George Been?
(6 December, 2009)

George was supposed to look after my house while I was away. See the post just before to see how I figured out he had been shirking his responsibilities.

XX. Second Life Census
(2 May, 2010)

My adventures as a Second Life census taker.

XVIX. Fashionista Sweetie Waxes Enthusiastic
(3 November, 2007)

Sweetie is fiercely loyal to her friends-- so when Stargazer Blazer opened a jewelry store...

XVIII. Primsworth Nabs a Hardened Criminal
(16 August, 2010)

Our ever-on-guard robot Primsworth took his job a little too seriously sometimes.That's why we forced him into early retirement.

XVII. Pig Army
(23 September, 2007)

Okay, I'll admit to drinking the electric Kool-Aid at Burning Life. That's the ONLY reason I tried to lead a her of swine into armed rebellion.

XVI. Torrent of Consciousness
(30 July, 2007)

What goes on inside Sweetie's head... is scary!

XV. Subtext of a Bad Decision
(28 October, 2008)

What happens behind closed doors at Linden Lab. Read here.

XIV. Linden Name Court
(15 January, 2009)

I wrote this before the advent of display names. I think it would have been a better solution. Read here.

XIII. The Bot That Broke My Heart
(31 January, 2009)

Mechanoids are fickle.

Read here

XII. Extraordinary Derendition
(14 March, 2011)

Sweetie waxes ecstatic about Phoenix' derendering feature.

Read here

XI. Day Pass
(29 April, 2011)

Starring Cheyenne Palisades
With Sweetie in a Special Guest Appearance as the Robot
No Automata Were Harmed in the Filming of This Epic

Is that a cold metal hand on my leg?
Never EVER take a robot mental patient to an amusement park.

Read here

X. Cutting the Budget
(21 February, 2011)

Ever notice John Boener's skin color?

IX. Whimsurance
(July, 2008 and November, 2010)

Who amongst us hasn't longed for affordable insurance in Second Life. Enter Whimsurance!

Read here, here, and here.

VIII. The Raid on the Cop Shop

(8 November, 2008)

Send Us Lindens
Or You'll Never See
Your Beloved Donuts Again
Here's the link to our daring break-in at the Bay City Police Station. We were actually able to look at the personal information of job applicants. How's that for security?

VII. Oil Spill
(5 June, 2010)

Here's the link to the first installment of the Whimsy Transportation Authority's dastardly plan to set up an oil refinery in Whimsy's water.

span style="font-size: large;">VI. Coming of Age in Second LifeThis week's favorite is my essay on maturing in our second lives.

V. Wall-Climbing Sweetie
(14 December, 2010))

This week's favorite: In which my darling's obsessive collecting behavior leads to an international incident.

IV. Chey Hears From the Eco-Angel
(25 March, 2007)

This week's favorite sees Chey busted by the Dreamland content police, who don't appreciate well-done ugly when they see it.

III. Intervention
(9 February, 2009)
Sweetie Was On the Verge of Solving
The Infamous 23-Level Inventory Problem
This week's favorite tells the tragic tale of Sweetie's intervention. Be sure to read the three or four posts ahead and behind to get the entire story of her inventory obsessive disorder.

II. The Donut of My Vacation
(10 June, 2008)

This Uzbekistan Shepherd Puppy
Ate the Donut of My Vacation!

This week's favorite launched a ridiculous 37-part tale of adventure with Sweetie into donut conspiracy land. Read to posts that follow to learn the whole story.

I. The Unfortunate Incident in Tombstone
(31 August, 2010)

That Pussy Wyatt
 This week's favorite is about my experience on the Second Life Tombstone sim. Posts before and after explain what happened.