Cheyenne Palisades is having a fabulous Second Life, thank you very much! She lives on the beautiful (and dangerous!) Whimsy sims with her mysterious partner Sweetie, where she builds, blogs, scripts, and dreams up (spurred on by her muse) ever more ridiculous builds.

Cheyenne's human is a writer and applied behavior analyst who lives in a tiny 1930s lake community in the heart of Metropolitan Atlanta. She holds B.S. and M.A. degrees and was licensed to practice psychology for many years. She retired her license ten years ago.

Second Life has been a boon to Chey. It stimulated her to write, taught her a new computer language, and forced her to finally learn PhotoShop. Best of all, Second Life brought her a real-world partner in the form of the slightly manic sprite referred to in this blog as Sweetie.

Need landscaping, terraforming, train tracks laid, custom building or scripting?
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