Friday, August 31, 2012

Roughing it in the Wilderness

Written 30 August, 2012

Roughing it in the Wilderness

The wilderness is a set of six island sims provided by the Lindens for the exclusive use of paid Second Life residents: Gecko, Caiman, Piranha, Tapir, Capybara, and Leech.

Whimsy From Above, Winter

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aho Museum

Written 29 August, 2012

Aho Museum

When Sweetie and I reached the ground we visited the Aho Museum & Ars Simulacra, which will soon go away-- in fact, I just checked, and it already has-- so no SLURL, sorry.

The museum features early Second Life builds of note. I know the work of some of the artists, but learned a lot by walking around and looking at the displays.

Photos below the fold.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Adventures with Chey and Sweetie: Le Cactus Jazz Club!

Written 27 August, 2012

Adventures with Chey and Sweetie: Le Cactus Jazz Club!

Since the D-Construction art installation was 3500 meters above the ground on the SBCC sim, we allowed ourselves to fall, stopping to investigate the various builds we passed on the way down.

First, we passed this structure:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chey and Sweetie Explore: Spirit and D-Construct

Written 26 August, 2012

Chey and Sweetie Explore: Spirit and D-Construct

Yesterday Sweetie and I went exploring for the first time in months.

Our first jump was to claudia222 Jewell's sim-wide Spirit installation, which was just lauded by Hamlet Au in his New World Notes blog.

Sweetie took one look and declared Spirit irrelevant. "I can't stand one more art show that features decapitated dolls," she exclaimed.

I have to say I agreed with her. At first glance, and then at second (I hung around long enough to explore a bit and take a few photos, including the one above), we jumped to a landmark I found while cleaning out my inventory-- D-Construct.

This time I wasn't impressed at first glance-- mainly because we didn't materialize at the entrance, which is here. We were inside a plain black sphere with an array of twenty-one famous works of art and a sign that read "Click on a small painting."

I did (after turning on media so I could hear the installation's sounds), and great fun ensued.

Micro Ostrich

That's me at Sweetie's feet-- A tiny ostrich with a windup key. Just LOOK how tiny!

Prim Baby

I'll bet this proud father has already started squirreling away Lindens for his prim baby's college education.

I Know That Taxi Driver Saw Me Hail Him!

Whimsy Kaboom View

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unfortunate Purchase (Reversed!)

Unfortunate Purchase (Reversed!)

Written 23 August, 2012

Woo hoo! I contacted ChiChi Hair via notecard and got a quick reply from Chiana Meredith; the color is indeed in the fatpack-- Mocha. Many thanks!

Here's the SLURL. The hair is Delilah.


I just bought this hair. I made the purchase because I love the photo.

I splurged for the fat pack, but this color wasn't in it.

I'm sad.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Written 20 August, 2012


You go to SOOO much work to create a stunning space to spotlight the shoes you have so painstakingly made...

... and then you screw it all up with one stupid misspelling.

That's such a... bumer.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Things Have Changed!

Written 9 August, 2012

How Things Have Changed!

It wasn't all that long ago that the more advanced areas of Second Life looked pretty much like the photo above, taken in 2006.

Nowadays the landscapes are stunning.

Not Gonna Happen

Written 9 August, 2012

Not Gonna Happen

Here are some of the styles I am NOT gonna be wearing.

I'm sure these styles look good on someone. Just not me.

Above is Diva by Sayaka. I like the messiness of the style, but I won't be walking the red carpet in it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Delilah by ChiChickie

This is my favorite hairdo, and my favorite photo. It's the image that has been giving Google conniptions. I finally managed, by cropping, to get the picture to load. The original is wider and taller and looks even better.

Fashion Show: Hair Fair Demos

Posh by Iren
Written 7 August, 2012

Fashion Show: Hair Fair Demos

Okay, it's once again time for me to prove this is not a Second Life fashion blog. Here I am in demos of various styles I picked up at the Hair Fair.

Mad at Google

Written 8 August, 2012

Mad at Google

After a frustrating week trying to work on the post that follows this one, I discovered my problem has to do with one particular JPG image. No matter how I resize it or rename it, convert it, and even copy it with Print Screen and make an absolutely new file, it just won't load.

I'm upset with Google because signing up for space on Picasa at $5 per month didn't fix the problem. I already had space with them, for $5 a year. And what are ya gonna do, call Google?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Google Bytes Me

[DON'T BE EVIL photo would be placed here if Google weren't in fact evil.]

Written 4 August, 2012

Google Bytes Me

A long time ago I passed the 1 GB limit for free photos on Picasa. Since a photoless blog about Second Life would be unfortunate, I elected to spend $5 a year for 25 GB of additional storage space.

Tonight I tried to add a photo to my blog and found out my account was no more. Apparently Google tried to charge my account and the payment didn't go through because the expiration date had changed. Old Don't Be Evil didn't send me a notice so I could change, they just turned off my account so I'd have to re-up at $2.49 per month for the same 25 GB of storage.

So now I'm going to have to pay $30 per year-- well, $29.88-- for the same storage-- either that, or there will be no more pictures.

Now that's what I call Not Being Evil.

p.s. I paid them, dammit, and yet won't be able to add a photo to this post for a day or two. When I'm finally allowed, I'll place the image I chose below this line.