Monday, December 14, 2009

Wall-Climbing Sweetie

Written 13 December, 2009

Wall-Climbing Sweetie

Yesterday morning I happened to stop by Paris 1900. The entire sim had been redone.

When Sweetie logged on, we went to check it out.

Did Sweetie want to walk hand in hand by the Seine with her sweetheart Cheyenne?


Did she want to picnic on baguettes and fromage in the Tuileries?


Did she want to view Paris' many works of art? Go to the Louvre or the Jeu de Paume or the Boubourg?

Did she want to go to a five-star Michelin restaurant and eat escargot and drink Dom Perignon?

She wanted to experience Paris's remarkable architecture, she said.

Okay, I said.

Up close and personal, she said.

Oh, I said.

I had dressed in stylish late Nineteenth Century fashion. But what was Sweetie wearing? Not a dress... no, it seemed to be some sort of Amelia Earhart outfit.

But did Amelia Earhardt carry a pipe wrench?
Had Sweetie finally fulfilled her lifelong ambition to be a plumber?

Sweetie looked around, and, locating the sheerest surface available and putting on her Abranimations wall-climber (last attached in 2006), she headed upward.

Soon she was quite far up.

After a brief rest, she began climbing again. She was like a fly on a wall.

She was a spot on the side of the huge structure.

Recognize it?

Soon she found an even taller edifice...

It's a good thing Sweetie isn't frightened of virtual heights!

What am I saying? This is a woman who once cast herself from this structure without a parachute and fell on a couple making out in the gardens below. She knows no fear!

But what is she planning to do with that wrench?

I mean, she was giving up that indispensable climber's tool, the right hand, for a wrench! What, was she wanting to be in French Vogue, plumber's edition?

Uh-oh. I think I know what she's planning to do with the wrench!

I mean the whole damn thing is held together with bolts!

Soon she neared the top.

240 + meters!

For a long moment she lay exhausted.

But she was soon socializing with the Portuguese.

And did she take her souvenir bolts?

What do YOU think?

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