Monday, November 4, 2013

The Lost Colony

We meant to go back, yes we did. We didn't mean to get caught up in our everyday lives. We didn't mean for our poor dwarfins to starve and turn to stone, no we didn't. We wished them the best and left them with plenty of food, but they ate too much of it. Yes, that's it. They pigged out and the food was gone and it's their own darn fault!

To keep the multitude of dwarfin owners, dwarfin avatars, dwarfin creators, and the millions of dwarfins themselves off our backs, it was necessary to concoct a story.

Don't worry. I'll remove these three paragraphs before I submit the post. No one will be the wiser.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Editorial Revisited

The Trouble Started When the SL Enterpreber Illustrated my Editorial
About Camping With This Picture of a Camping Sign
On the Platinum World Sim

Back in April, 2008 I wrote an editorial for the Second Life magazine SL Entrepreneur. My piece was called The Case Against Camping and it was clearly marked as editorial in nature. You can read it here, and I've reproduced it in text. You can see the fallout it caused just below.

My piece was editorial in nature-- an op-ed, because I was a writer for the magazine and not the publisher or an editor. Editorials by their nature express opinions. They are not meant to be balanced. They by nature praise, criticize, explain, or persuade.