Robot Sanatorium

The Robot Sanitorium on Whimsy Kaboom is in the Second Life Showcase
OMG! Please tell me you did NOT just transform yourself into a robot on those huge art deco avatar-squishing machines!  Don't you DARE sign yourself into this place, I don't care if you DO have HAL-like urges. Think of your prim babies! Think of me! We need you in the meat world!!

When you come to your senses, you can find me in the gift shop or downstairs watching movies. Hmmm. Or better yet, maybe I'll join the staff so I can force feed you antirobopsychotic meds and maybe even reboot your circuit board.

OMG! The Visiting Hours Are in Binary! That's Just WRONG!
Here's what Brooklyn is Watching Had to Say About Our Robots:

"...we have this piece with like these maurading robots just going crazy, and it's such a silly piece that brings in so much like popular culture silliness, but yet is so thoughtfully and carefully constructed that I think it just really-- it sits there sort of threatening to completely undermine Second Life art as we know it, basically."
 To the right of the sign, above, is an award from Second Life's Museum of Robots.



Home to the many mentally malfunctioning mechanoids of the Metaverse.

Thank you for coming to us for all your sanity needs.

 Welcome to the Metaverse’s only (we think!) residential treatment facility for mentally malfunctioning mechanoids. We offer the best in robotherapeutics, including oil baths, psychorobotherapy, and the finest in antipsychomechanical medications. Please do not give the patients sharp objects.

Here, in one of Second Life's most interactive builds, you can press buttons in the control room, explore hidden pipes, turn yourself into a robot on giant Art Deco machines, or get your uniform whites and join our fine staff (after, of yourse, you take a quiz).

One of the Sanitorium's Patients Poses Proudly In Front of the Machine That Created It
 Pay no attention to the graffiti about the robot insurrection. Our patients are well-behaved. Except for Eyegor in the HAL 9000 Memorial Correctional Facility for the Robotically Criminally Insane. And Gort, when he's angry. And the R2 units, of course. R2s are never well-behaved. Especially the D2s.

The R2 Units Make a Break For It