The Ever-Mysterious Sweetie
  Capricious, mysterious, and above all, funny, Sweetie is my partner in Second Life-- and in Real Life. We met in 2006 in Second Life and in March 2007 in Philadelphia. She is my muse and my inspiration. We never tire of planning the most ridiculous builds-- and often, we actually create them. We live on our sims of Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom-- come and visit!

Sweetie has asked not to be identified by her Second Life name in this blog, and I've honored her request. After all, when one is licensed to kill (with exploding lipsticks), one can't have one's image or face appearing in popular (I hope!) media. Our friends and my constant readers have long since figured out who Sweetie is, but Shhh! Let's keep it to ourselves!

Spies Must Always Dress Appropriately. Chey Looks On In Awe.